Simplex Bell 412 Fire Attack system model 304

All Simplex Aerospace Fire Attack helicopter belly tanks are manufactured from high-strength, low-weight carbon fiberglass material to produce durable and effective aerial firefighting systems for helicopters. All systems are ground fill and hover fill capable, and have the ability to carry foam redardant or water. Other features include selectable drop patterns, multiple drop capability, and automatic emergency water drop in the event of an aircraft power outage.

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Fire Attack Training by Advanced Helicopter & Rescure Techniques

Advanced Helicopter + Rescue Techniques offers the highest quality of training when it comes to wildland firefighting, helicopter rescue, NVG operations, and technical rescue training. All of our courses meet or exceed current FAA, Transport Canada, NFPA, and ISO standards.


Our team of specialists has more than 60 years of experience in helicopter aviation, wildland firefighting, helicopter rescue, NVG operations and technical rescue training. All of our specialists are current fulltime professionals and highly regarded throughout the industry in their respective pilot, crew chief, and rescue medic fields.


AH+RT provides initial and advanced courses and offers recurrent training on an annual or biannual basis. We are able to standardize your current or future wildland firefighting, helicopter rescue, and NVG operations. Our specialists will evaluate your specific needs, set training priorities, and measure your progress to help you achieve your operational goals. Along with the exceptional training you will receive, AH+RT can assist in developing and composing manuals to help institutionalize standard operating procedures.



AH&RT 2014 Training Course Catalog
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