H269 & Schweizer 300C Spray System

Simplex Model 5200


Simplex Aerospace agricultural spray system model 5200 Hughes 269 and Schweizer 300C Simplex Aerospace Spray System model 5200.

Simplex Aerospace Model 5200 Spray System for the Hughes 269 and Schweizer 300Cs. The system consists of a side mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 341 liters (90 gallons) of liquid. The spray boom has a standard width of 8 meters (27 ft). Other features include an electrically driven spray pump and motor, and flow meter.

* Note: 100 AMP generator required

Hughes 269 and Schweizer 300C brochure
Simplex Aerospace Model 5200
Model 5200 Hughes 269 Series Spray Syste[...]
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