Airbus Helicopters AS350 B,C & D Spray System

Simplex Model 5100


Simplex Aerospace model 5100 agricultural spray system for Airbus Helicopters Eurocopter AS350 B, C & D series Simplex Aerospace Model 5100 Spray System for the Airbus Helicopters AS350 B, C & D series.

The Simplex Aerospace Model 5100 Spray System for the Airbus AS-350 B, C & D.

The system consists of a belly-mounted carbon fiberglass tank, which holds 681
liters (180 gallons) of liquid. Other features include an electrically driven spray
pump and motor, mid-ship mounted booms 9 meters (31 ft) wide or 11 meters (36 ft) wide with extensions, and flow meter.

Airbus Helicopters AS-350 B, C & D Spray System brochure
Simplex Aerospace Model 5100
Model 5100 Airbus 350 B, C, D Spray Syst[...]
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