Simplex Aerospace: Aviation Mission Equipment

Founded in 1946, Simplex has built a reputation as the leader in design, manufacturing, and certification of aerial application  systems and mission equipment. Simplex maintains its industry leadership by incorporating the latest technology in the design and manufacturing of systems from high-strength, low-weight composite materials to produce reliable and cost-effective solutions for wildland firefighting, agricultural application, electrical utility cleaninghigh rise firefighting, cargo, oil spill response, and controlled burning. Simplex holds over 180 FAA STC, EASA, VSTC, CAA and other international certifications for its systems.


Simplex Aerospace Receives Order for 15 Agricultural Spray Systems from Bell Helicopter

Simplex Aerospace Agricultural Spray System model 208 Bell Helicopters 407 Simplex Aerospace Agricultural Spray System model 208 on the Bell 407.

Portland, OR, USA – March 03, 2015


Simplex Aerospace received an order from Bell Helicopter for 15 Simplex Model 208 Agricultural Spray Systems for the Bell 407GX. The systems will be delivered to Bell Helicopter for completion before being delivered to the end user in the Latin American region. Read full article...


Simplex to Develope Fire Attack System for BK117 C2 & D2

Simplex Aerospace firefighting belly tank for BK117 Helicopter Previous generation Simplex Fire Attack system on BK117 C1.

Portland, OR, USA – February 23, 2015

Simplex Aerospace has reached an agreement with Japan Aerospace Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) to develop and certify a new Fire Attack™ system for the BK-117 C2 and BK-117 D2 rotorcraft.  The newly designed Simplex Aerospace system, designated Model 311 GII, will be delivered to Japan in early 2016. Read full article...


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