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Founded in 1946, Simplex has built a reputation as the leader in design, manufacturing, and certification of aerial application  systems and mission equipment. Simplex maintains its industry leadership by incorporating the latest technology in the design and manufacturing of systems from high-strength, low-weight composite materials to produce reliable and cost-effective solutions for wildland firefighting, agriculture, electrical utility cleaninghigh rise firefighting, cargo, oil spill response, and controlled burning. Simplex holds over 180 FAA STC, EASA, VSTC, CAA and other international certifications for its systems.


Simplex is hiring! Director of Engineering

As the highly driven Director of Engineering, you will lead our engineering organization in order to achieve the product design and product roll-out goals.​  Ensures that the team is engaged and executing well to meet short and long term product development and sustaining engineering goals and objectives.​  Works with the Senior Director of Engineering to ensure the engineering staff is provided with sufficient resources, such as hardware, software, training, etc.​ to maintain optimum performance of the department.​ 


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Job Description Director of Engineering
Simplex Director of Engineering 14-08 Jo[...]
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Simplex is hiring! Design Engineer

A Design Engineer has the responsibility of creating new, and maintain existing designs and serve as a resource to support all engineering needs for new product development, production, customer matters, procurement, and inspection needs. As such, a Design Engineer will support the Sustaining Engineering Department with existing product support and after sale customer service engineering activities in coordination with Manufacturing, Quality, Procurement, and Sales.


A Design Engineer will become an active part of the MRB (Material Review Board) process, help complete major/minor semi-annual submissions to the FAA, and work directly with other.


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Job Description Design Engineer
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Simplex Aerospace Receives Russian STC on Kamov Ka-32 Fire Attack System

Simplex Aerospace Russian STC'd Fire Attack System for Ka-32 helicopter Simplex Aerospace Fire Attack System model 328 on the Kamov Ka-32.

Portland, Oregon USA - November 19, 2013


     Simplex® Aerospace has received Russian STC on its Fire Attack™ system for the Russian built KA-32 helicopter. The new STC for the Simplex® Aerospace Model 328 Fire Attack™ tank was approved by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC AR) in Russia. The IAC AR had previously approved the Simplex® Aerospace Model 10900-050. The new Simplex® Aerospace Model 328 is a replacement for the older 10900-050. The 10900-50 will be discontinued now that the new STC in place.


      Simplex® Aerospace has been building Fire Attack™ systems for the Russian built helicopter for several years. The original Fire Attack™ system for the KA-32 was primarily installed on helicopters operating in Korea. With the recent success Kamov has experienced selling the KA-32 throughout the world, the new Fire Attack™ system, along with the new STC will make a certified system available to operators worldwide... Read more


Simplex SkyCannon to Include Max-Viz Enhanced Vision as Standard Feature

Simplex Aerospace SkyCannon High Rise Firefighting system. Simplex Aerospace SkyCannon High Rise Firefighting system.


Portland, OR, USA - October 24, 2013


     Simplex® Aerospace announced it has reached an agreement
with Astronics Corporation (NASDAQ: ATRO) to install the Max-Viz Enhanced
Vision System (EVS) on Simplex® Aerospace SkyCannon™ and Fire Attack™
Systems. The Astronics Max-Viz EVS will be installed as standard equipment on the SkyCannon™. Simplex® is provisioning for the Max-Viz system on all newly designed systems and provisioning on legacy systems as time allows.


      Newly designed Simplex® Aerospace Fire Attack™ belly tank systems allow for use of the aircraft multifunction display to view the hover pump and door operation. The new systems will also be compatible with viewing Max-Viz images on the aircraft multifunction display or a display dedicated for the acquired enhanced vision images. Read more.....



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